The litigators at Summers Compton Wells will be the first to tell you that litigation is seldom the best vehicle for resolving disputes. Litigation can be expensive, time consuming and most potential litigants are typically better off spending their valuable time in their chosen industries as opposed to spending time and money in the courtroom. Unfortunately, the reality of modern business is that some disputes simply cannot be resolved in advance of litigation. In the event that a dispute must be litigated, the Litigation attorneys of Summers Compton Wells have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best result attainable, as efficiently as possible.

The Litigation Group of Summers Compton Wells has earned a reputation for tough, fair and highly skilled advocacy at all levels. Our litigators have a wealth of experience in litigating matters in all state, federal and appellate courts, before administrative agencies, and in all forms of alternative dispute resolution. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients fully informed at all times, with unparalleled communication and collaborative decision making from the inception of litigation through resolution. For these reasons, the firm’s Litigation Group is trusted to handle disputes that range from routine enforcement actions to critical, complex litigation, on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

While the Litigation Group is experienced in handling a wide variety of disputes, it is the firm’s skill and expertise in handling complex litigation that sets us apart from others. Our litigation department is carefully designed and constructed with select, highly skilled individuals. As a result, we are routinely trusted by some of the largest businesses in the nation to handle complex, high-dollar litigation, including disputes that are critical to the on-going viability of the business. We have successfully represented businesses in complex commercial litigation, consumer protection, antitrust, intellectual property disputes, complex construction litigation, and a myriad of additional complex commercial disputes.

Our reputation and results speak for themselves as we are regularly relied on to provide thoughtful, experienced and strategic representation.