Regulation, Compliance, and Advisory

Regulation, Compliance, and Advisory is a practice area that can touch on almost any other area of the law.  The attorneys of Summers Compton Wells have extensive experience in a wide area of regulatory, compliance or advisory related matters.  For example, our team has extensive experience helping companies raise capital and ensure compliance with both federal regulations and state blue sky laws.  The estate planning practice group routinely advises clients on compliance issues while representing trustees and personal representatives who are administering estates.  The Employment Law Group routinely advises on hiring and firing decisions and procedures for ensuring compliance with both state and federal employment law.  Summers Compton Wells provides services for a number of Credit Unions that require extensive compliance advice regarding the complex state and federal regulations governing that industry.  The Corporate and Business Law Group helps our clients ensure they are properly observing their corporate formalities and documenting corporate actions.  Legal Cannabis and Health Law is a newly emerging and quickly changing area of law in Missouri and our attorneys help our clients navigate that newly forming legal landscape.  The firm also advises non-profit organizations to ensure they obtain and maintain their tax-exempt status and address their other regulatory needs.   Summers Compton Wells has the tools and experience to help all of our clients navigate all kinds of complex regulatory and compliance matters.