Health Care Law

The attorneys at Summers Compton Wells have an abundance of knowledge of health care law. We understand that this area of law is an amalgamation of many different types of law and sometimes the overlaps are vast and even unexpected. Nevertheless, we are capable of providing solid legal advice when it comes to many of the legal challenges that can occur in the area of health law.

Our Health Care Law Group is skilled in all regulatory, compliance and transactional matters affecting the industry. We have attorneys that specialize in HIPAA and HI-TECH compliance, such as privacy concerns and security, and the Affordable Care Act.  Our transactional and tax attorneys can provide assistance in acquisitions and divestitures as well as tax issues and ownership structuring. We are more than capable of providing legal support for a variety of healthcare organizations that wish to remain in compliance with the law, re-organize or restructure their corporate practice, or are seeking tax advice.