Credit Unions

We are experienced in providing legal advice for a wide variety of Credit Union needs. The attorneys at Summers Compton Wells are focused and committed to providing a thorough understanding of the legal landscape of a Credit Union’s compliance and regulatory issues, as well as the unique and more unexpected questions that may arise in representing Credit Unions. We are well versed in the typical Credit Union legal concerns such as lending regulations, compliance, consumer privacy issues, and member relationships. Our experience in providing advice is not limited to compliance. We also know that a Credit Union’s needs are constantly evolving and we are suited to provide legal advice for many of the complex, unique legal issues that Credit Unions, both big and small, may face.

Specifically, we are well equipped to provide advice as it relates to: compliance with consumer protection disclosures, collection practices, account agreements and management, lending compliance and services for members. Additionally, we are capable of addressing many of the more general legal concerns that arise for Credit Unions, such as employment issues, leasing and real estate acquisitions and development, contractual relationships or other business concerns.