Condominium law is a complex and detail-oriented area of the law.  The attorneys of Summers Compton Wells represent a variety of condominiums (condos), homeowner’s associations (HOAs) and individuals regarding their rights and responsibilities as members of these associations.  We can assist with the statutory and regulatory compliance required of condos and HOAs to make sure your condo association is operating properly.  Our real estate team can assist in preparing, drafting, amending and interpreting all indentures, restrictions and CCRs governing various condos and HOAs.

Our litigation attorneys are experienced in representing both individuals and entities in the disputes that can arise out of the administration and enforcement of Condo and HOA restrictions.  The real estate practice group can assist with filing and contesting the liens that arise out of disputes regarding fees associated with condos and HOAs.  Our team can help advise you on the rights and responsibilities you will have once you own your new house or condo, so that you can make a decision with a full understanding of the new community that you will be moving into.