October 9, 2017

SCW Attorney Secures Summary Judgment In Favor of HCW Development Company, LLC in Branson Landing Lawsuit

Summers Compton Wells attorney Steve Hiotis secured a Judgment in favor of HCW Development Company, LLC in a long standing land title dispute. The Judgment, entered on October 6, 2017, disposes of the claimant’s final remaining claim for adverse possession of a portion of land on which the Branson Landing is situated, and brings an end at the trial court level to a dispute that has been pending for fourteen years. The entry of the Judgment marks yet another major victory for SCW in a seven year process of protecting HCW’s interests in the Branson Landing following the entry of an erroneous judgment in January of 2010. See Empire District Electric Company v. The Branson Paper, Inc., et. al., Cause No. 03CV787034-01